Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

ERTC Express Field Agent Training Session

ERTC Express Field Agent Training Session 2023-05-22

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)

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00:00:03 Syd Michael: What’s up? How’s everybody doing? Good morning. Hey, Alfred. Good to see you, Vincent. How you doing? Is that a blue nose pit bull in the photo? Probably. I don’t know what color it is because it’s black and white, but it probably is. I worked with a guy, had two of those sweetest dogs in the world. Actually, man, they would go so crazy when I would come to the office. Couldn’t wear nothing. Super nice. They would tackle you practically. Hey, Christopher, good to see you, Bubba. Hey, what’s going on for Chicago? Best food in the world. Raleigh, NC Good to see you, Marge. Yep. Emerald Isle, NC Very nice. Very nice. Hey man, we got some exciting stuff today we’re going to let y’all in on. Kind of a little bit of a secret now I know a lot of people on the call are from all over the world so we’re going to be very transparent on some of the technical ways. But I’m about to give you all the gift that we that we’ve only allowed to our paid members, a lot of our paid members in the past and they’ve had massive success with it so. We’re going to be very transparent, very straight up and honest with you. It’s a very limited opportunity, but we’re going to show it to you. But first, first and hopefully they’re on the call. I don’t know if they are or not, but they’ll hear the recording. If not, I know Greg Thomas had a pretty, pretty technical question and then John Otto talked about how he ran into some of the similar issues. Are either one of y’all on the call, John Otto or Greg Thomas. Real quick, let me know if you’re on the call. I can look it up, but I’ll.


00:01:51 Syd Michael: I got the. Either way, you’ll hear the recordings. Some of you might have saw it in the Facebook group. But you talked about Greg Thomas, talked about how you ran into an objection from a prospect, had no idea how to handle it. I agree. And listen, I can only tell you. I can’t tell you. Hey, John. What’s up, buddy? John, I can’t tell you. You know how? Some people might handle it. I can only tell you the way I’ve handled it in the past and it’s worked for me. I stay in my lane, right? And what I’ve learned, what I’ve learned with really, really smart people like this, where this guy’s like breaking down the opinion letter and doing all that stuff. Like, it reminds me of social media, right? This guy is wanting to have a, for lack of a better term of pissing contest, right? He’s trying to like, size up. Brains with you, right. And I’ve told all of you my 3 rules that I live in life. If you win the argument, you lose a deal, right? You win the argument, you lose the deal. And I found in my life, in my experience in sales, I do not. I do not engage in it. Arguing because nobody wins. Definitely you. If you’re the one selling. You never win. If you’re somebody trying not to buy something, you might win by not buying anything. But no, there’s never a deal there. So what? What I like to do is lean into it and you know and even agree with them a little bit. Go man, you’re smart. You really looked into this. That’s good. I hope you’re not too smart to get free money though.


00:03:32 Syd Michael

You know maybe that comment possibly but not too much but where I out with a know it all type person like that is out with them with confidence and pace tonality right. You know I don’t get into an actual engagement of arguing over trying to prove to somebody who’s trying to say that a government program is not legit or legal attorney letters is not legit. That’s a battle that frankly I just don’t have time for, right. And the way to combat it is to do it with confidence, tonality and pace, right. So you just mentioned, I have a buddy who replied and said how do we prove supply chain issues? They actually should approve it and then we use attorneys to write up the opinion letter proving the supply chain issues such as and it’s very simple actually. You just got to show you can show in 2019, I just did it for a glass company, right. I just did it for a glass company. I was like they were like we made more money. We don’t approve. I was like if you had social distancing, supply chain issues and or government mandated shutdowns, they’re like, well, we’ve had supply chain issues. I’m like how long did it take you to get a part in 2019, two weeks. How long did it take you to get a part in, in 2020? Well, some took six or eight months. Great. Can you show me that? Can you show me where you ordered in 2019 with a past invoice? Where you got it and received it in two weeks and then show where you ordered it in 2020 and it took 6-8 months. That’s all it takes. And when you do the homework like that with our attorneys, they will write the opinion letter which will prove supply chain issues and it works. Not only does it work, you ready, not only does it work, you get approved in most cases for all six quarters. Supply chain issues were a problem for the whole two years and it’s still a problem today.


00:05:29 Syd Michael: So do you want to talk about putting fuel on the fire? Right. That’s how you put fuel on the fire. But instead of combating with somebody or trying to out with them or be too smart for them, I would put them at ease and say man you’re smart. You really did some research on this. Well hopefully you know you’re not too smart to take free money and I’m going to share with you why and you’ll see. You know, and then explain to him exactly what it is. Let them know that we do your credit calculation. Once we do your credit, you don’t owe us a dime. However, I do want you to know that if you choose to pay on the deferred, it’s down to 25%. If you want to pay upfront, it’s as low as 18%. Now listen, I don’t sound like a lot, but it’s huge. We’ve had these rebates come in from 20,000 to 3.3 million. And when you’re talking millions of dollars, 8% makes a big, big difference. Now the best news is you don’t have to choose right now. You can choose whenever you find out what your credit is. And you don’t owe us any money until you know that you’re actually going to get it. And if you don’t go to credit, if you don’t qualify, you don’t owe us a dime. Even if we try to do opinion letters, and the opinion letters don’t work and they still don’t get approved, you don’t owe us a dime. Now, once we do get your credit back, then you can make a good, full, educated decision based on whether you want to pay upfront or if you choose to pay on the back. It’s not for me to decide. It’s for you to decide. But let’s get your credit amount and then you decide, all right, are you sitting in front of a computer? Because I have a portal. I want you to fill out some information. We’re going to get some paperwork over. I need you to sign that CSA, understanding what I have been transparent with you on the fees and we’re going to move forward. Does that make sense for everybody? You think I’ve said that before?


00:07:10 Syd Michael: Hundreds, if not thousands of times in the last two years closed thousands of deals for the RPS agents. Now I see a lot of you send in support tickets asking how do I get on Syd’s calendar to let him close my deals. Let me be honest with you, that is something that the paid members, that was a bonus that we gave to the paid members. We have not given that. To all the Fieldings, can’t scale to it. I just don’t have as much time in the day. However, today I got a friend on the line that we use in our paid members group that’s been very highly successful helping them. He’s going to, I’ve given, we’ve given him permission to help all of you and those that choose to take advantage. What we’re about to share with you will get access to my calendar for me to close your deals for you, Okay. Fair. All right, Bill. You with us, buddy?


00:08:12 Bill McIntosh: I’m here. 


00:08:14 Syd Michael: What’s going on man? Thank you so much. For a lot of you probably already know Bill McIntosh. He’s been around for quite a while. One of the good guys. I love working with him. I love doing stuff. We had dinner a couple weeks ago at A at a great restaurant here in Tampa. I got to watch Bill and Brian trying to eat a 24 ounce lobster tail which. Was a job in itself, but very, very, very, very good. I thought that restaurant was phenomenal, right?


00:08:44 Bill McIntosh: Oh man, that was so good. I was so stuffed by the time we were done.


00:08:48 Syd Michael: Oh my God, as far as food wise, the atmosphere, you know, was decent. But as far as food wise, man, hands down, that’s some of the best food I’ve had in Tampa yet, although I did find a nice little Italian spot a couple weeks ago. Next time you come in town, I got to sneak you over there, man. It’s amazing. It came down the best. Yeah. Well next time you’re around, hit me up. So I’ll meet you over there and you’ll love. It’s just South of us a little bit. But Bill McIntosh. Bill McIntosh is who we have on the call with us. You might know him from Job crushers. It’s something he’s been doing for quite a long time in a while. But. He’s with us, working with us in. A lot of people are talking about how good of a dude you are. So they know you, Bill, that’s good. He’s been working with us a lot with ERTC, right. And he’s kind of got like a shortcut. I laugh because I think and this gets a little deep and a little spiritual or whatever, but I laugh because, you know, we programmed mainly from our parents, right? Mainly from our parents. That say things like money’s the root of all evil. There’s no shortcuts in life. But let me tell you a secret. There is shortcuts in life. It’s called social currency and knowing the right people okay and Bill has a beautiful little shortcut for all of you today and I won’t bill him to offer it to you. Bill you want to take over the screen. I’ll make you presenter and you can show them what you’re doing for all of our RPS agents and give them a chance.


00:10:27 Bill McIntosh: Okay. Cool. Yeah. Let me get the screen sharing up. And you know the other thing I’ll do? See if I can. Come on. Camera should be on. Let’s see. Here we are. Hey, and cool. Yeah, I’m just checking my connection and everything, and I got a. Really weird camera angle there. All right. Here we go. So hello, good to see you. And this is awesome. So sit is right. I do have a little bit of a shortcut and it is pretty cool for ERTC and what we’ve been doing is, well, let me ask this first. So what? What we’ve been doing is good for two things and I want to see who this applies to and then we’ll dive into it. And then I’ll have a chance to let you in and I can do this for you. So first, who here would like to get consistency when it comes to your ERTC deals where you have a nice consistent, steady flow of deals coming in? One of the things I’ve seen a lot of agents struggle with is inconsistency. You know that they might land one or two deals here or there. And then it just is, yes, not consistent, right. And you and you and I know people want to turn this into a really high consistent income source and that’s interesting is and I look at other agents they’re crushing it.


00:12:05 Bill McIntosh: And they’re doing big numbers and they’re doing it consistently. So what’s the difference, right. Why are some people consistently have a pipeline that’s full of ERTC leads and deals and stuff closing and stuff, you know, doing that a lot of yeses on the consistency point. So that’s the first thing what I’m going to talk about today solves is it solves that consistency issue. If you’d like to have that nice steady flow of deals. The second thing that it solves is for the agents that maybe. Haven’t yet got their first deal so he who can key notice I say not yet right You don’t never want to just like dig in and go. No I’m not. I’m not getting deals. It’s I haven’t yet got a deal. So who here has not yet got their first deal? Can’t say not yet in the chat if that’s you. OK. And this is also a good solution for that. Because I think a lot of people get in and then maybe they have a little bit of a struggle at the beginning and then it kind of deflates your energy, it deflates your enthusiasm and you kind of stop aggressively working on it, right. So lots of not yet as well. Good, good. Well, what we’re going to talk about solves both of these. And it’s something that when I tell you what it is, it doesn’t sound very exciting and that’s cold calling. Who here has ever done cold calling? And did you like it? Did you? Do you like doing cold calling? Right. That’s. And I’m going to tell you that despite the fact that probably a lot of people’s initial, like, reaction is to like, yeah, cold calling. Right. OK, good, good. I have. And no, I didn’t like it, says Marge. OK, me. It’s hard, says Kathy. I don’t like it, says Diane. OK, you are doing cold calling.


00:13:58 Bill McIntosh: Okay. Well, it’s a tough job. It really is. It’s a tough job. And so when I jumped in the ERTC and I jumped in really early with Brian and Syd and the team because I saw immediately like this is a huge opportunity, like I’m sure you did when you jumped in here, you saw that this was a massive opportunity to make a lot of money. While this program was running and so we want to get active, you know the program does have an end date and so we want to get as many deals in now before the program expired. We got time right. Don’t the title worry too much about that. But the point is it’s time to, you know, really pour it on and get things going. And the way to do that is cold calling, but for me. Unlike most of you, I don’t enjoy cold calling. And it’s, it’s rough, it’s not necessarily fun. So what I did is I got started and I hired five guys and some probably three guys, 2 gals to get on the phones and do the cold calling for me. And that’s how I got started. And what I would have them do is they would do the calling and then when they found a hot deal of somebody who like I had a whole script that I created. Through a lot of trial and error, we created the perfect script where they educate that person about ERTC, handle any confusions or misconceptions, then say would you like to find out how much you were owed? And the minute they said yes, transfer, right. Well, this changed everything for me and it was so powerful that we scaled up, we went from 5 to 20.


00:15:38 Bill McIntosh: And then a few people and you know, through Brian wanted to do what I’m doing. So I started letting people have access to my agents and they would do calling for them. That worked out really well. And so we if it’s continuously expanded. And what I was doing is I was hiring freelance workers in the Philippines and I hired them to work full time for me and they work on American business hours and they get on the phone and they do my cold calling. That worked great for a time. But have you ever tried to manage a freelancer working from home in the Philippines? It’s, you know, if you heard the phrase, like herding cats, well, this is like herding squirrels. I don’t think you can imagine that’s what it was like. And so we opened up our own facility. We have a physical facility now where full time they work in our office in the Philippines and all they do is cold call for ERTC. And at this point, we have 60 agents across my entire team. And the team that is working in the physical location is just continuously getting bigger and bigger. And we’re right now I’m on a mission to grow to 100 callers, 100 agents do an outbound dialing. And So what I’ve done is through the people that I have referred to Brian’s program, I often sell these deals to. So what I do is I let people who have joined under me when they’re my sub agents and I’ve put in about 2000 sub agents into the program. And so when I have a sub agent who wants deals, they can buy them for me and you know they we do it on a per, they buy like packs. We have a 5, a 12 pack and a 25 pack. So they’ll buy a pack of deals and then my team will actually do all the calling for them.


00:17:23 Bill McIntosh: And then they hot transfer that hot lead the moment they’ve got it. So they’re calling during U.S. business hours and the minute they have someone on the line who goes, oh ERTC, I’ve heard of that. I’ve been thinking about applying. Yeah, I’d like to apply. So what my agent does is they do a couple of minimum checks to make sure that they are that that business is likely to qualify. We can’t absolutely guarantee that they’ll qualify, but then we do some basic checks to find out how many employees they have. You know, see if we can find out how much payroll they had, if they know and then we will transfer them live to you. So the agent will call you and go, I got a deal transfer and they’ll put live on the phone with you right on the spot, which is pretty darn cool. And then from there you complete that process, get them into the ERTC Express system and that’s your deal. So at that point that deal becomes your deal. So that’s what I’ve been doing and it’s been working like crazy and we’ve got a lot of agents getting deals. In fact, let me actually let me see if I can get out of my back office here. I’ll tell you some of the deals that are pending right now with our agents. If I can find here, let me just open up a new window, I’ll go log into the dashboard. Let’s take a look. All right. So right this minute I see we have three at the CPA. Let’s see, this is 45 employees, 16 employees and then the six employees, the CPA we have, here’s a few deals that just recently closed. We got 19 W2s, 12 W2s 3279, another 1223.


00:19:18 Bill McIntosh: Here’s a couple that look like they paid in full. That’s cool. 38 employees And here’s this will be a really good deal. 77 employees that looks like they did paid a deposit. So a few examples right, of what’s actually working right this minute when it comes to this method. And So what I’d like to do is offer a shop for you guys to do the same thing I do with all my sub agents. Brian and Syd asked me to come on and Brian did a really cool thing. Syd, can we talk about the contest? I’m not just.


00:19:57 Syd Michael: Kidding. We’re going to talk about the contest. We got a lot of exciting things to talk about. I’ve already kind of let the cat out of the bag on a little bit of it, but first let them know what you’re offering and then and then we’ll let them know. I’ll give this handout. We’re going to throw 10 grand. That everybody gets involved in this. We’ll chop it up among the top three spots, but we’ll get more in detail after y’all hear what Bill’s got for you.


00:20:26 Bill McIntosh: Cool. So get my mic a little closer. There we go. All right, so. Here is what we’re going to do. I’m going to open up the doors to this. I don’t have a ton of spots available. So there is a little bit of limitation because we only have a set number of agents. I have a set number of deals that I have set aside and Brian had me come and talk to some of the paid members last week and then asked me if I can come back. So I’ve reallocated a bunch of our agents. I have some spots available and we’re going to open it up to all of you. And so when you buy one of these deals, again our agents will call on your behalf, they will educate the client about ERTC. They will make sure the client is interested in finding out how much they are owed and then they will do some basic checks to make sure they qualify under the terms of ERTC Express qualification. And then we will hot transfer that lead to you. So you don’t have to sit there pounding the phones calling and calling and calling and dealing with the rejection and all the you got to find the decision maker. You know if you’ve done cold calling, you know how that works, right. So our agents do all of that. They source the list, they call the list, they get the decision maker, they get that decision maker on the phone.


00:21:47 Bill McIntosh: Get them educated on the ERTC, make sure that they’re probably going to qualify and meet our minimum requirements and then they hot transfer that live on the phone to you to take the deal and run with it. So that’s how it works. Also, we have a guarantee, so if you get a lead that does not meet our requirements, our minimum requirements, we will replace it for free, right? So it isn’t like you’re just going to buy a lead and you know you’re stuck if I don’t live up to my obligations. So if for any reason you get a deal that just doesn’t meet our minimum qualifications and then we will just, you know, we have a little form you fill out and then boom, we just replace that lead at no additional cost. So that’s the thing. And so when Brian asked me to come back last week, there’s a couple of cool things and we have two bonuses and now with what Syd is doing, we now have three killer bonuses. When you take some of these leads, the first thing that’s going to happen is. I’m going to give you a bonus and it’s when you buy. Now during this promotion while we’re here, I am going to give you extra bonus leads every time you bring a deal through to docs. Let me explain how this works. So when my agents pass you a deal, you take that deal and you get it all the way through to the CPA, right? So that the docs are collected. CPA has caught the deal. And then as soon as you got it there, I’m going to give you 2 bonus leads. That’s right, just get a deal. This is how I want to empower you to get as many deals as possible. So if you can demonstrate that you’ve brought successfully a deal all the way through to the point that it’s gone to the CPA calculations, right, they’ve they’ve collected the docs, I’m going to give you 2 bonus leads every single time you do that. So if you buy a pack of five leads or you buy a pack of 25 leads.


00:23:43 Bill McIntosh: You could potentially get 50 more leads from me for free when you do this. Does that make sense? So you buy the leads, you buy a 25 pack of leads from me, I send them to you, you work them, and every single time you get a deal two through docs, I give you 2 more bonus leads. So that could be up to 20, sorry, up to 50 bonus leads potentially on these packages. And then we have the other thing, which is the killer thing that Brian announced. And it’s all right, Syd, I’ll tell everybody about that.


00:24:20 Syd Michael: So.


00:24:21 Bill McIntosh: Yeah. Or let you do it. You want to do it.


00:24:23 Syd Michael: All right. So I’ll tell you. So we’re going to throw 10 grand out that anybody gets involved on these leads. We’re going to throw 10 grand out. We’re not just going to pay whoever’s first in first place. We’re going to pay the top three places. So if you get involved between now and July 4th, right on July 4th we’re going to have a contest. Whoever sells the most leads from Bill McIntosh is going to get $6000 bonus. In addition to that, number two second place is a $2500 bonus and a third place we’re given a $1500 bonus. So. That’s 10 grand we’re throwing out on top of your commissions, on top of everything that’s out there. Add that, add that to the mix.


00:25:16 Bill McIntosh: Wow, so all the bonus cash potentially for in prizes. And so just to be clear, you jump in, grab a package of leads for me, and they’re going to be running a contest on the person who closes the most deals with my leads. And you guys get the bonus cash, so it was what, 6K25 hundred 1500?


00:25:39 Syd Michael: Yeah, I’m gonna put that in chat. And I see Frank, right? Francisco, you go by Frank, right? When we talked about this last week, Frank said it’s a freedom contest. I like that name. That’s what we’re going to call it, The freedom contest. Good name, Frank.


00:25:53 Bill McIntosh: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. So. Yes. So that’s how it works. So we’re going to open it up now. And then of course, you have my bonus I stacked on top or I’m going to give you 2 bonus deals for every time you bring something through docks And then the done for you like the, the closing help from Syd, that’s that is huge. I don’t know about you, but I’m like I’m blown away by how well Syd handles these sales process and just sales in general. And so you have to have him on your side to be helping you get these deals to that dock stage, right? So you got to sit on your side to help you get them all the way through. So they got docks and they’re getting closed. And then you got me giving you 2 bonus deals every time that happens. And then you got Brian giving $10,000 in cash away on top of that exciting stuff. So here, let me do this. I’m going to go ahead and share the link if I can find it, and we’ll let people jump in. And then I will share my screen. I got some stuff I want to show on screen in a minute and I go, you know, you’d think like, you know, you get extra monitors to be more productive. And so I went from one monitor to the two and then now I’ve got this Bank of three giant wide monitors and all I did is end up with more tabs and more windows. I don’t know if it actually made me more productive or not, but there we go.


00:27:20 Bill McIntosh: All right. Here, I’ll pop it into the question panel as well as I just.


00:27:29 Syd Michael: Want to be clear, the last time Brian and I offered my like one-on-one coaching help like this, we sold it one hour a month for $2500 a month and put over 60 people in it. OK, so that’s how much my time is worth, but I’m opening my calendar to those that take advantage of this. Right now I will show you exactly how to cook. Whether you want to hear me do it one time and then you can start doing it or if you just you’re nervous about the talking to new people type stuff. If you know whatever it is, you can schedule appointment on my calendar. I have appointments open for Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every single week, right. All you got to do is book a book a time with me and the customer, right. And we will, we will call and I’ll take over the call and I’ll show you exactly what it is. I  don’t want to brag but my closing ratio is very, very high with the RTC very high. So you know if you want to give yourself the biggest chance of success, I promise you you want to throw me the ball as much as you possibly can so.


00:28:42 Bill McIntosh: Awesome, so there’s the link and in fact, you know, I’ll share my screen and show you guys the. The page, let’s see which I don’t know if I’m showing which screen I’m showing, but that’s the screen I want to show. All right, you guys see the cat in the submarines that coming through?


00:29:11 Syd Michael: Remember this wallpaper every time I see it?


00:29:17 Bill McIntosh: Okay, cool, cool. All right, so here I’ll also. Switch off my webcam for now. So here we’ll just go to the screen and let me find the right window. There we go. So when you go over to that link that you see, which is job RTC deals, this is what you’ll see. And I just go over the terms with you and explain it a little more in detail and then we can dive and I see there’s a ton of questions. So we’ll also answer all those questions. But they are 100% guaranteed to be presold deals. What does that mean? That means our agents educate the person on the basics of ERTC. So we make sure they understand the basic concepts of ERTC, how they qualify. And then we check to make sure they’re interested and they want to find out how much they’re owed, right? That is what we mean by presold deals at that point. We then check to make sure that they have some minimum qualifications that they meet. And so we check to make sure that they meet the ERTC Express minimums. And one of the things that we’re right in the middle of changing is to make sure that it fits perfectly with what Brian and said their qualifications are, is I think it’s three employees in 150,000 in payroll if I’m remembering that correctly.


00:30:44 Syd Michael: W2 is minimum 150,000 in payroll correct?


00:30:48 Bill McIntosh: So you’ll notice on the page it actually says 5 employees, but we’re about to change this because I wanted to make sure it matches what the ERTC Express team you know?


00:30:58 Syd Michael: Requires. We just lowered that, just so you know. That’s why it’s different.


00:31:03 Bill McIntosh: OK, so I’m.


00:31:05 Syd Michael: Always moving, bro.


00:31:07 Bill McIntosh: So we’re making sure that they match the requirements, the minimum requirements of ERTC Express. So we’ll make sure that that occurs, which will be 3 employees or 150,000. In payroll before, we always just did straight 5 employees, but I want to make it fit exactly with what you know their requirements are. So you’re guaranteed that that’s what you will get. And so if we give you a deal and it’s under 150,000 in payroll or it’s under three employees, at some point that comes out that they’re not qualified because of that, we’ll replace the lead for free, right. So if, if they’re disqualified because they don’t have enough payroll or they don’t have enough employees, we replace that lead for free, OK. Now what we can’t promise you is I can’t guarantee that every single deal I send you is going to be qualified because I just don’t know when we’re cold calling them, right. We asked a bunch of key questions to make sure that it’s likely that they’re qualified. You know, I don’t want to send you deals, they’re not qualified. So we’ll check and we’ll ask to find out about all the different exceptions in the different ways that they can qualify and make sure that the business agrees that it’s likely that they qualify based on the the, you know, the, the basics of the of ERTC and then that’s when we’re going to pass you that deal. So I can’t guarantee that every single deal will go all the way through the qualification steps. Some of them may fall out, but I don’t think it’ll be very many. In fact, we did some math on earlier and I think it was something like 2 out of every 10 deals maybe don’t qualify.


00:32:44 Bill McIntosh: Cool. And yeah, that’s basically it. You can read about the guarantee on the page. Oh, and I forgot to tell you about this, There are two options for buying deals. One, you can buy monthly. That’s the first thing you see on the page here. And when you buy monthly, this guarantees your slot. Because I have been sold out and usually I go 2:00 to 3:00, I’ve gone as long as four months before having more available slots. And that’s purely because of the number of agents that I have. We’re growing, we’re hiring new agents all the time, but I just can’t keep up with the demand, so.


00:33:18 Syd Michael: Just so everybody knows the first time we offered this is sold out in about 20 minutes and and.


00:33:24 Bill McIntosh: 20 minutes. I didn’t have a limiter on the cart and we sold twice as many as I could deliver.


00:33:30 Syd Michael: Right. And we had to yeah, it was scary to be honest. And so it’s a limited offer obviously with the bonuses that we’re giving you know, we can’t scale. To hundreds of people just so you know so it’s very limited. I saw somebody asking will it be available until July 4th. I don’t think it’ll be available for many more days to be honest with you if not today. It’s just a very limited author. I’ve seen a ton of people making a ton of money. One person said can I speak to somebody who’s crushing against this? Well you’re actually we’re just seeing them on the screen. I’m here in Tampa with all the A E’s and I’m going to tell you Bill. One of your leads comes through about one in every six posts. Like one in every six leads. It comes through the portal to the floor of AE’s, has Bill Mcintosh’s name on it. So if you want to know somebody crushing it, he’s live right now talking to you. He’s willing to share something that he’s done. It’s something that Brian negotiated, right? He’s willing to share something he’s done. He’s had massive success. He’s got over 2000. Sub agents under them, for those of you that don’t know, in the paid group that we originally launched 2 years ago, right. I mean, it cost, it was thousands of dollars plus a monthly to get involved and we allowed them and them only to get sub agents, right. So we allowed them because we negotiated it. Mark we, that’s a deal we negotiated. We asked for him to actually share this with everybody to have success. In fact, we’re throwing out 10 grand.


00:35:08 Syd Michael: Give everybody success and I’m giving you my time, which is worth more than the 10 grand. Straight up just being honest with you. Okay. Yes, Frank. It’ll whether you go with five or 25, you’re qualified for the bonus, baby. All you got to do is take a step forward and take action. We’ll crush it with this. Steve just mentioned he’s already having very good success with this. Very cool, very cool.


00:35:35 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, I know a couple of your top guys are crushing it and they’re using our leads, so.


00:35:41 Syd Michael: Yes, absolutely. Yeah.


00:35:45 Bill McIntosh: And OK. So anyway the monthly, I also saw a good question. I’ll cover this real quick. This was from Cheryl. Can you cancel the monthly? And yes, so you’re not on the hook for any period of time you can cancel the monthly. I do ask you give us at least three business days notice before it, you know, like. Don’t come at me the same day it’s renewing because I won’t be able to stop the credit card processing in time. But long as you cancel at least three business days before your renewal date, you can cancel at any time. So you’re not on the hook. So you kind of get the best of both worlds. You get to lock your spot in so that you know you want next time next month. If we’re out of deals, you’re already guaranteed you’re locked in, but down a little lower you can buy one time deals and that has no automatic recurring billing. It’s a one time package, but you are not guaranteed next month. Very likely we will be sold out based upon how things are going this month. I can almost guarantee that we’ll be sold out next month. And if you’re not on a monthly deal which locks your slot in, then you may not be able to buy more deals next month. OK? And that first time we sold, that Syd was talking about, we sold out in 20 minutes. We sold twice as many leads that I could provide. I had to call a bunch of people and you know work that out with them to make it right. But it took us a long time and we were closed. We were sold out for over 4 months because of that. So that was pretty crazy and I expect I’m not going to oversell today.


00:37:20 Bill McIntosh: I’m not. I’m making sure that we have a hard limit and that we will not allow too many sales to go through. So I will not oversell today. We will just close up if we hit our capacity and so you’ll definitely want to get in here before that happens and then I think that. It’s pretty well it. I mean you can read right here what’s included. It’s a very short little sales page. It’s not designed to be a big long hype sales letter, just tell you the basics of what we’re selling. So you know exactly what you’re getting. You can see what the guarantee is and then we will replace any lead that doesn’t meet our minimum qualifications, right. That’s a really big deal to us. We’ll give you a link to a form, you just fill it out and then boom, we will replace that lead. That no additional cost to you. So that doesn’t mean we’re going to replace a lead. Like let’s say you drop the ball and you don’t answer the phone and then you don’t call the client back for a week. That’s not a guarantee. So you’ve got to work these leads and that’s why I, you know what I thought was really cool is when I was up in Tampa or down in Tampa and I was meeting with Syd and Brian, we went out to dinner. What we were discussing is how we could help all of the agents get more deals. And I was really blown away that their willingness to put in those bonuses, that Brian’s putting up 10 grand of his own money so that he can ensure that you guys work these leads aggressively and win from this. So you know to make this work, you want to make sure that you’re willing to answer those calls when they come in, pick them up, handle them, get them into Brian’s system in the ERTC Express system and get them, get them going right. You don’t want to delay.


00:39:05 Bill McIntosh: The one thing with leads, if those of you who are in marketing, you probably know this, they go cold fast and see it. I mean, you could probably attest to this, right? Yeah.


00:39:17 Syd Michael: Yeah.


00:39:18 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, speed is everything. I mean the leads, literally, because here’s what happens. We call them and we tell them about ERTC. And one of two things is going to happen either. Number one, we’re going to go, oh, ERTC. Well, I didn’t get to talk to my agent, so let me go research this on the Internet. And they’re going to go on the Internet. And what do you think is going to happen? They’re going to come across two or three different websites that are going to ask you to put in their information. And now you just made instant competition for yourself because now they’re going to be on someone else’s legal list. So you want to handle these fast and get them in the system, get their questions answered, get them rolling so that they don’t have enough time to start going. I wonder if I should go Google about this and start doing research. Get them in the system first and get them.


00:40:01 Syd Michael: Processing and that’s 100% the truth Mary’s asking. Let me answer a couple questions real quick. Bill Mary’s asking if they have three employees but only 90,000 payroll, do they qualify? No, they don’t. Again, the qualifications is 3 W2s 150,000 total payroll. So 140,000. They don’t qualify. You want them above that. OK, so that’s what he’s guaranteeing is that they will all be at least 150,000 in payroll and at least three W2s. OK, at least three W2s. Here’s how. Here’s how you should handle it, right. When a lead comes in, you should call them, let them know who you are. Say ask, ask them have they received their ERTC check yet? They’ll say no, say great. See, I want to be able to answer any and all questions for you. We have availability to meet on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Pick a time and give them whatever times you see available that on my calendar. Have them pick it, set the appointment. You and I will talk 5 minutes before the call. Then I’ll call in. We’ll call in and you’ll say, hey, this is my, you know, this is Syd Michael from ERTC Express. I told you we’re going to answer all your questions that you have. You know, and then you just let me go and I’ll show you how it’s done from there. Mary says is that the same criteria for ERTC Express? Yes, we’re in unison with each other that’s that’s the minimum for ERTC Express Also the important part is let me just let me just tell you where I see some people slip, they get the lead, they wait three weeks, they call the customer and don’t get any, don’t even you know get information from or anything. I had a guy last week who.


00:41:52 Syd Michael: You know, the guy was told his wife handles it all and he didn’t even know the wife’s name. He calls me in three weeks, sets up the appointment, and then basically we’re cold calling the lead and the guy doesn’t know we’re going to call. And his wife was out sick again and he didn’t even know the wife’s name, right. That’s that, yeah. Mary, I want to help you as much as I possibly can. I promise that’s the truth. That is not how you handle. What? The way this works. Look, the reason why I’m offering this is because I want to give each and every single one of you the maximum opportunity for success to make a bunch of money. That’s what I measure my worth at, right? And I know by me jumping on the call with you and us. Book an appointment quickly with these leads. I’ve done it 1000 times with the leads that he’s offered into the paid group. A year ago, like, I’ve closed hundreds of these leads. They’re great leads. They’re very warmed up. And let me I’m going to tell everybody a secret. I hate cold calling, too. We all hate it. It’s just the truth. Nobody likes it. There’s a difference. It’s all the difference in the world between you calling somebody and saying, hey, I got the greatest thing since sliced bread, You have a second to listen to me, then somebody saying, hey, I like what? What? The way this sounds. Tell me more. I’ll spend all day talking to people, say tell me more. Nobody wants to call and try and convince somebody you found the greatest thing since sliced bread. The cold calling is the hard part. It’s what Bill takes off the table. It’s what he removes from the equation. He has people that are reaching out, interested in the service and then all we got to do is take them home. Take them home. And the best part is?


00:43:41 Syd Michael: For any reason, they don’t qualify with three minimum W2s or $150,000 year payroll. It’s very simple. You let Bill know how you do that. That lead was $125,000 payroll, that lead was 2 W2s. I don’t know where the mistake was, blah. He replaces it, no questions asked. He makes it right, he makes it right. So you’ve got to guarantee. You’ve got all the reason for success. We’ve got huge momentum right now going on in both groups. Huge momentum, okay. Let’s see if the business.


00:44:15 Bill McIntosh: Is formed in two.


00:44:16 Syd Michael: 1018, yeah.


00:44:18 Bill McIntosh: I have a question for you. So what, what, what, what would you say that if you were to just average out the average size deal just you know?


00:44:25 Syd Michael: Across with your deals or average on our side.


00:44:29 Bill McIntosh: Well, yeah, I was looking to try to break it down to see how Commission like what does that breakdown?


00:44:35 Syd Michael: Average deals between 1:40 and 1:50 and your deals are the same, they’re not any different you said, I mean our average is your average. I mean you’re sending over a good chunk of our business between 140 and $150,000 credit is the average.


00:44:50 Bill McIntosh: OK. And then how much is that, you know, I know there’s, I know there’s a range, but what is ballpark range of what does that put in the agent’s pocket?


00:44:57 Syd Michael: Well, there’s a lot of different ones on this call, but let’s just, let’s just use, let’s just use the bear, let’s just use 10% there to be fair. So 25% fee on 150 grand, you’re looking at 37750 fee, 10%, thirty $750.


00:45:14 Bill McIntosh: 3750, OK that’s, so this is a bit like trading Dimes for dollars then so 200, two $139 a deal and then it can get up to 3750. Pay off from a $230 investment into a deal? That’s pretty darn.


00:45:32 Syd Michael: Good. Vanilli. I’ll answer your questions at the end. Right. Right now, yeah, no, it’s, it’s, it’s absolutely, it’s absolutely no brainer. And yes, we know that it says 5 W2s here because ERTC Express was at 5 minimum W2s up until about 45 days ago and we switched it. Bill will update it so everybody understands nobody. I promise you, Mary, straight up, we First off, we would not host anybody that would want to make a dime that didn’t earn it. Like that’s kind of what Brian and I do. We police that there. There is people out there that will do that. But I assure you not myself or Bill would ever want to make even a penny. And not earn it. So we’re not looking to try and hang you on the 3:00 to 5:00 W2s. That’s just being transparent straight up with you. OK. Let me answer these questions real quick because I see that it’s a little off, but asking questions about. Go ahead. I’m sorry, Bill.


00:46:42 Bill McIntosh: So on that the minimum qualification too. I want to make it super super clear. We guarantee that this lead will have 150,000 in payroll or or or and sorry and have at least three minimum W2s they have to meet both of those requirements. So in the past and this is a change that just literally just happened. So Syd and I were talking, I realized that my guarantee wasn’t in line with what they’re doing. So we’re literally live in the middle of changing things. And I just want to make sure that I don’t give you a deal that can’t go through, right. And so to make the deal go through, it must be a minimum of three and also a minimum of 150,000 in payroll. So I guarantee that we’ll meet both of those requirements because in the past, we could have given you a deal with like 5 minimum wage employees and it wouldn’t meet the 150 right so now. We guarantee it will always meet both minimum requirements in order to put the deal into the ERTC Express system. Yeah, cool. And you think about it this way, you basically when you buy a pack of of deals, especially let’s say you come down here and you grab the, the, the 25 pack.


00:48:02 Bill McIntosh: So every month you have somebody on the phone dialing on your behalf all throughout the month, passing you deals. It’s pretty powerful. It’s almost like you’ve got your own assistant sitting alongside of you doing this all day, full time. Someone who’s been expertly trained, who can handle all the objections, can handle finding the decision maker, can deal with all of the frustration and rejection that goes with cold calling. And I train them. I provide all the infrastructure, all their stuff and they just sit and dial for you all day just handing you deals. But that is powerful and that is the key. You heard me earlier talk about this is the key to have your breakout to get your first deal if you haven’t got one yet. This is your key to consistency, if you want a consistent, steady flow of deals where you’re making those. You know, 345 even more pop commissions so that you’re getting those sent to your bank account. This is the key to doing that and this is what I am doing, right. So I’m so aggressive in this program that I have put you know, over 2000 agents into the program myself. I have 2000 subagents. So I’m all in with this and not only am I. Selling these deals to my sub agents, I’m using them myself. The very same pool of leads, the very same pool of outbound dialing that I’m using in my own business to get my own ERTC deals is the same thing I’m doing with you. So you know this is not something where I just like set up a boiler room just so I could try to flip and resell these things. I’m right in there alongside of you using these leads just like you so.


00:49:51 Bill McIntosh: That’s the whole idea. It didn’t start with me trying to build this way. It started with I created this system, this team to get me leads. Yeah, so OK, I’ll stop talking about you, answer some questions.


00:50:04 Syd Michael: Yeah, it’s totally cool. It’s gonna support people on here. Niki and Nicole, and we all answer a lot of these support questions I see popping up. And yeah, I’m looking for him. Syd, I’m here and Niki’s here. Yeah, there’s just because I don’t, I don’t want to waste everybody’s time asking answering simple simple questions like that. You know what I mean? If we can just answer them through text. I see, I saw. I saw somebody say, all right, I’m gonna tell I’ve told everybody on the call before those of you that haven’t attended the training definitely want to go back and. At 1151 Bill, somebody’s asking for the link. You definitely need to go through the training every. A lot of these questions everybody’s asking is all in the training. But I want to answer this. Somebody said, how do you get past the gatekeeper? I’ve already told every one of you the Super secret and I know people like get all scared when they do it. But it’s so simple. It’s the easiest thing you ever done in your life. You know, I’m a Southern boy. My mom taught me manners, Right. And you know, here’s how most people call, right? They’ll call through and they’ll go. Can I speak to Bill, please? Right. Is that what you say? Admit it. How many of you say that? A lot of you, right.


00:51:39 Syd Michael: It’s very simple if you want to get through the gatekeeper, because think about it, who is the gatekeeper? The gatekeeper is somebody who is possibly like a receptionist or somebody like that. And what’s their goal? To keep bullcrap off their boss’s lap, right? But also, how many times are they getting calls that are constantly, that are, that are in the heat of business, right? And with cell phones nowadays? I don’t know about y’all, but it seems like every time you talk money, you get dropped or your signal goes bad, right? So people call back. So it’s very, very simple. You want to get past the gatekeeper. Quit saying please, quit putting yourself at an inferior position, still have manners, but don’t put yourself in a fair position where you’re going to be questioned. Well, Bill, who, who are you with and what are you calling for, right? They’re doing their job at that point instead when you call through. Change please to. Thank you. Let me tell you how that sounds. Let me speak to Bill. Thank you. Still got the manners, still being nice. But what do you think that person does when they hear Can I speak to Bill? Thank you. They’re not going to slow that person down. There’s somebody doing business with the owner. There’s somebody doing business with the decision maker and maybe get lost maybe their cell phone line dropped, something happened, but they don’t stop. They pass you through all through tonality and pace. Try it. I’m going to tell you right now, less than 3% of the time will you get stopped. And the only reason why you’re getting stopped is because they might have just got reamed for letting somebody through. But you’re getting through. You’re getting through. I’m going to tell you one other secret. 


00:53:28 Syd Michael: I’m going to use the car business for an example because some, most of y’all should understand the structure of the car business. But you can do it with any business. You just got to do a little bit of research and know the business. It’s called a desk around, right? If you have that impossible gatekeeper to get around you need to get it asked transferred to A to A to a section of the business that they would pass through such as a warehouse or in the car business, the desk. Hey, can I speak to the sales desk, please? They’re going to put you up there because they think you’re a wholesaler. They think you’re somebody that talks to sales this all the time. Well, guess what, Bobby, the used car manager is not used to protect. And Bill, And when you talk to Bobby, the used car manager, and he picks up and go, hey, Bobby, is Bill in? He’s going to go. I see him in his office, man. Let me transfer you because their job is not to block you. They’re not a receptionist. They’re worried about appraising cars. They’re worried about doing something else. Same thing in an ordinary office setting where maybe they have a warehouse. You have a warehouse manager. Hey. Hey, Bob, Have you seen Bill in there today? Yeah, he’s up there in the front. Let me let me transfer you. You can do what’s called a desk. Around there is 2 unbeatable, unstoppable, effective ways to destroy the. The gatekeeper, I think it’s funny that people struggle with the gatekeepers because knowing those two things that have taken me 30 years of blood, sweat, tears and sales, I’ve never ever want, ever had problems with gatekeepers by using those two methods. Everybody cool with that. Give me a Roger that if you understand what I said and if you plan on using it.


00:55:10 Bill McIntosh: Do you guys see what you want? Sit in your corner helping you close, helping you with your closing? Wow?


00:55:15 Syd Michael: Yeah. Is that awesome door or what? I mean, it is. It’s real though.


00:55:19 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, you just demonstrated. Just yet another good reason to jump in and get your. Get your help here.


00:55:25 Syd Michael: Right. One last thing, and I just want to make sure there is no coupon code. It’s just on his shopping cart, you got to offer. It says there’s no way to remove it, but there’s not a coupon code. We’re giving you all the discounts right now and we’re showering you with bonuses. Patricia used to sell used cars. Man, I tell you I love fellow car dogs in the group because I don’t know about you, but I feel more comfortable around them. It’s my people. Easier said than done, Sandra. You got to try it. You got to try it. It’s not easier said than done. Just do it. I’ll do it. Live one day for y’all if you want to, if you want to see. So simple, so easy, so simple, so easy. You just got to do it like you mean it. Sandra, thank you. Who’s going to stop that person? Nobody, all right.


00:56:22 Bill McIntosh: And then I thought I saw a question coming. I want to, I want to cover earlier that that I missed and that was kind of about the flow of how this works. So when my agents call and land somebody, they’re going to, first of all, they’re going to find out the name of the gatekeepers. You can just so you can use what Syd just taught you there, right. So you’re going to know you’ll know who the name of the gatekeep, not the gatekeeper, the decision maker. You’ll know the name of the decision maker, that’s that. You can use the strategies that said, just covered with you there, so when you need to call them back, you can get right to them. So you get the name of the decision maker, their contact info, and then we hot transfer it live. So the agent will call you and say, hey, I’ve got a deal for you, here you go. And then transfer it if for whatever reason.


00:57:07 Syd Michael: I can’t believe we’ve never been asked this. I’m sorry to interrupt you, Bill, but it’s such a good question. Adam says he’s right. He’s picking up 25 a month. He’s like, dude, are these exclusive? Heck yeah, they are exclusive. We’ve never answered that. I don’t know why nobody’s never asked that before. Because you definitely want to know that with the way people do shared leads, yes, they’re 100% exclusive. In fact, when we call them, it goes into your portal, right? So you, you get double tagged to the deal, right? You’re not, you’re not multiple. You’re selling these leads. I know you’re not. Just the answer to make everybody for council.


00:57:37 Bill McIntosh: Absolutely not. Yeah, it goes. So when we do that hot transfer, it goes to you, the person who purchased the lead, and you only if we don’t take it and reuse it, resell it, send it to anyone else. It’s you and exclusively you. So that’s the first step as we hot transfer it. But let’s say, I don’t know, the call drops or let’s say you’re in the middle of a meeting or you’re on the phone and you can’t take the call for whatever reason, Then what our agents do is they follow up with a text message and an e-mail. And they’ll send you all of the leads information, right? So now I recommend that it for what if you missed the call for whatever reason? Jump on it immediately. Don’t let time go by. Don’t procrastinate and wait. You know where you know days or weeks later you’re trying to call them back. That makes your job so much harder. But when you jump on it while they’re hot? Then you’re good, so you can follow up. Yeah, we’ll text you all the info and e-mail you all the info for you to do all the follow up to get that person back on the phone.


00:58:37 Syd Michael: A great question though buying leads for like mortgages and stuff, I mean nothing was worse than finding out they shared your leads. I personally in any lead Gen. I’ve done a lot of lead Gen. stuff in the last 10 or 12 years. You know that’s creating competition to the customer I personally no matter how. You know, lucrative it could be, would ever do a shared lead program. But good question, man, because it’s legit. You know there is people that would do that. We do not. We do not. Hey, CID, yes, I know when you’re getting ready to get off, but there are a couple people that are wanting to know how to get in touch with you to book the call. Vanessa is going to get the e-mail addresses from the buyers from Bill and then we’re going to e-mail you the direct. The direct the see the link I know a lot of people are sending in support tickets. Nicole we talked about that a couple weeks ago. I want to be clear by 100% only want to make this available because I don’t. I don’t have the time to do it for everybody only available to those who buy leads from Bill today. OK got it.


00:59:46 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, that’s quite a bonus guys. And you mean you’ve heard the kind of help that Syd can give you with getting a deal closed and bringing it up to bringing it to the finish line. So that’s a huge bonus right there.


00:59:56 Syd Michael: Chris Church says Who gives the prospect the fee cost? If you have me on the call, please let me do it. Please let me do it. I’ve, I’ve got that dialed in. I mean, listen you, you got to think. You got to think like. What they do once in their lifetime? How many ERTC submissions do you think they’ve done in their life? None. This is their first one. They might have done PPP. They have no experience of this, right? It’s so easy to white glove these people and support them. That’s what they want. That’s what we all want. We all want. To get what we paid for and when you go to speak with them, they like, they don’t stand a chance with a guy like me. I’ve closed thousands of deals multiple a day, every day. I literally sit around like a gargoyle here in Tampa and when I hear 1A E’s have an issue or somebody has one, they’re done for you. Closing calls, book with me. I jump on the call and I close them down and work with a customer right it it’s very, very they’re bringing a gun. They’re bringing a stick to a gun fight. Right. And I got a cannon. Just the truth. Just the truth. So realize that. Realize that also when you’re speaking with them, these people haven’t done this 100 times before, right? It’s just the truth. So.


01:01:18 Bill McIntosh: I see a question here from Linda I can tackle real fast. So Linda’s asking if you join it at a lower level today, can you increase your package later? And that the answer to that is maybe just to be, you know, fully transparent. We will be sold out. I’m looking at the way things are going as I see the orders coming in, we will be sold out next month and if that’s the if my prediction is correct and next month we’re sold out, there’ll be no more spots to upgrade into. If I have some space, I have some agents available, I have some leads available, yes, you can upgrade, I just can’t guarantee that so.


01:01:59 Syd Michael: And that’s just Bill being 100% transparent with all the go, so you know.


01:02:04 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, I just don’t want to say, Oh yeah, no problem and then disappoint you next month because I can’t live up to that promise, right. But so if I have the, the, the capacity, yes, you can upgrade and you can buy more. You can increase your monthly package, but realize you’re by buying a monthly package that’s how you lock in the spots. So grab as big of a package as you can when you check out and then when you’re ready to upgrade you reach out to us and if we have capacity, yeah, we’ll upgrade you and you can buy more. But I can’t. I just can’t promise you that that will be the case because I know there have been many months where I have been sold out. So cool. So that was Linda’s question. And so Joseph wants to know if they buy a 25 lead pack, how many could result in a deal. So first of all, I can’t guarantee the numbers, but we can talk hypothetically for a minute, right? So I just just realized this varies a lot from person to person. Largely what the biggest factor is how fast you follow up with these leads and I cannot you know . I know we’ve said that a bunch of times, but I cannot stress that enough. That will change your rate dramatically and you know I think I did this calculation. I have a here hold on do I have it that slide still up Okay. Yeah we did the math on this and so. What we find out is about two out of every 10 can be unqualified, right. So about two out of every 10 deals just they just end up not being qualified for one reason or another. Another two out of every 10 deals can kind of disappear depending on how aggressively you follow up with count on, you know, like I say on an average, again this is an average. Some agents do way better, some do way less.


01:04:00 Bill McIntosh: Out of 10 deals, you know about 6:00 go through to completion and you can you know think about getting a Commission on right. So that gives you some ballpark numbers and but that’s going to vary a lot. The biggest thing that’s going to vary is going to be based upon you and how fast and how aggressively you follow up with the deals when they’re given to you. And if you’re quick you answer the calls promptly you. And you know stay in touch with the agent, you use the SIDS help at anytime you need it and you’re quick on the ball then you’re going to get a lot of a lot more deals to go through. And I see Kurt want to know how long this is open. That’s right now that’s how long it’s open and then let’s see here. Is there any contract to sign? No, no contract to sign. So you just sign up here, you’ll have a checkout page on the next, the next screen and that’s that. Is that Kathy’s trying to understand the pricing? Yes, it is $239 per deal, per deal times however many you’re going to take, right, So. You can do the math. It’ll actually and the pricing shows up. If you just come down here and let’s say, I don’t know, let’s say we want a 5 pack, you can just click add to car and you’ll see the price on the next page, right? It’s right there at the top. Cool, Let’s see.


01:05:46 Syd Michael: Let’s see, Alfredo. He’s asking a good question. He’s outside the US. He’s asking is it OK to call an international number. Let me let me shoot you straight on that Fredo you need to set up a Google number. You need to somehow, I don’t know. You maybe ask some members, they could suggest you need to set up a US base number through an app or Google somehow.


01:06:09 Bill McIntosh: And there’s a ton of services that do that too.


01:06:13 Syd Michael: But. Even Skype, Vincent said. But that’s to give yourself the best advantage on this. You don’t want to be calling them from 06/1, Dash, whatever you know, out of the country just doesn’t help you. And I don’t want to be calling y’all in Zimbabwe or whatever from my phone either, because I use my cell phone to close these deals with all of y’all.


01:06:44 Bill McIntosh: And then let’s see and also to you know, so one thing I want to also let everybody know is that you know we’re going to wrap things up here at some point soon. That’s up to sit on when we’re going to be closing down here. And then I cannot guarantee that you can get in after that. At this point the only thing I can guarantee is right now as we’re here live. That there are spots and that you can get in. Once we close down and head out of here, I cannot guarantee that this will be open. You may come back to the screen and it may be closed. So I just want to let you know that as far as, as far as like how long is this going to be open, I’m not sure. But what I can guarantee you right here right now is that it’s open right at the moment and when we sell out and we hit capacity, then we’re closed. And then, oh, oh, another thing. I noticed somebody else having a problem at checkout, someone with the credit card declining. And I want to address that. So if anybody here, you’ve made the choice, you’ve made the decision that you’re in, right? You’ve just you, you just want these leads you’re in. But if your card declined, maybe you’re busy trying to transfer money around and you’re concerned that, you know, we’re going to close down, you’ll lose your shot, you know?


01:07:56 Syd Michael: Chase Chase stops anything over 2 grand every single time.


01:08:00 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, this happens all, yeah, especially those of you buying the 25 pack, you’re often you’re going to get like weird things with the bank where they’ll decline the card and you got to call them and the big hassle. So if you run into any of those issues, you got to, you’re busy furiously transferring money around, trying to get the transaction to go through, card declined, whatever. Any kind of barrier that’s stopping you from pulling the trigger right this moment. But you’ve made the decision, right? You’ve decided you’re in. You’re doing this. Then please do me a favor and say hold my spot in the chat and then give me your best phone number, OK, Please do that and I’ll. I’ll make sure that I lock your spot in because I don’t want. We are going to be closing out and after we’re done answering questions and we head out of here and I want to make sure that I don’t leave anybody out who really wants in. So that’s you say hold my spot and then give me your best phone number and we will lock your spot in. And I’ll have someone follow up with you and help you get, you know, get through and get closed. So, and that’s for anyone who’s got a problem, whether that problem is cart is declining, you’re transferring money. Heck, even if you’re at a point where you’re, you need to go tell your partner that you know or your or your spouse or whoever that you’re going to run this transaction. You just don’t want to surprise them with it. You want to be just courteous and let them know before you run it. But you’re in. You’ve made the choice then. That even counts. Just say hold my spot and give me your best phone number and then we’ll lock it in and I’ll make sure I follow up with you. Okay. Got a couple people doing that. Thank you.


01:09:34 Syd Michael: For giving me a chance to write down those phone numbers, I just want to point out real quick, let’s see, Vincent, great question. Everybody comes to this question at one point in their ERTC experience. You know what’s a list of all the reasons they can or cannot qualify? Let me just you can Google it. Because it’s there’s a there’s huge number of lists but let let me let me explain to you why I’m telling you that two reasons one when the when the path is clear the decision is easy right Complicated offer does not make people take action right. So the more information that you load up on somebody the more complicated the decision is. So be careful loading them up with too much about what it is it’s easier said. Supply chain issues, government mandated shutdowns or social distancing. Just keep it simple. Keep it real simple like that. Secondly, do not try and become the CPA on this. Two things happen. One, it takes the authority away from your CPA that you are currently using, which is us. Or two, you don’t want to be the know it all. Like every business I’ve ever owned in my life, I’ve never put CEO on my business card. I love to be able to say I don’t know, I got to ask about that you don’t want to be the end all say all right you always want to have an exit strategy. So don’t go trying to be the ones like trying to calculate whether somebody qualifies or not. There’s never a point in this sales process in the way I’ve done it, the way I’ve trained everybody to do it that you ever combatively I’ll have to wit somebody with proven to them that they have that they’re going to get approved that’s.


01:11:15 Syd Michael: I’m sure there’s a way to do it that way, but it’s not been successful for me. Therefore, I don’t go down that lane at all. So don’t, don’t give them too much information on that. It doesn’t take that much information. Just making that clear. Is everybody understand what I’m saying? I’m trying to say that humbly, without sounding like a jerk, right? Awesome. Okay, cool. All right. Bill, did you write down there’s a bunch of cell numbers? Just came over, man. Did you get that?


01:11:40 Bill McIntosh: I did, and actually more keep coming, so I’ll make a point to copying before we so when it’s time to close down we’ll just give me a second and I’ll copy and make sure I get.


01:11:51 Syd Michael: So totally cool. Totally cool and listen, so Monday, next Monday when we go to do training again what we’re all going to train. I think everybody will benefit from this whether they jumped on board on this or not. I will train exactly. We’ll work on scripting there. There’s sales scripts in the Facebook Mastermind group already. I’ve got sales scripts in there, by the way. You could be sure you’ll be able to find it. However, next Monday we’re all going to work on setting up appointments as if you’re taking one of these leads and how to set the appointment up for me to close. So we’ll script all that we’ll role play through it. Bring, bring your headsets. Because I’d love for any of y’all. Come live with me. I’ll role play with all of y’all, any one of y’all that, that volunteer. All day, every day, all day. So oh, next Monday is a holiday. What is it? What’s next Monday? Is it Labor Day or something?


01:12:49 Bill McIntosh: Oh, is it Memorial Day?


01:12:50 Syd Michael: Memorial Day, Yeah, well, we got to honor holidays, but I got to tell you, man, these Christmases, and I don’t mean to sound like the Grinch, but they saw our speed bumps in the. In the process of business, Yeah, we’ll honor that. Well, you know what? You know what we’ll do? We’re going to move it from Memorial Day to Tuesday. Then we’ll move the training to Tuesday. There’s no reason to skip a week. That’s for Dang sure, because this is important. Everybody cool with that? You show up Tuesday if we do it Tuesday. All right. That’s what I’m talking about. Thank you for reminding me, Vincent, of the holiday.


01:13:30 Bill McIntosh: Yeah.


01:13:31 Syd Michael: Russell Supply Chain Issues, Government Mandated Shutdowns or Social Distancing by the.


01:13:39 Bill McIntosh: Way that’s what my agents.


01:13:40 Syd Michael: Check on great training.


01:13:42 Bill McIntosh: Yeah. And by the way, just loop back to the deal. That’s also what my agents check, right? So when they call deals for you, they’re going to ask, they’re going to tell them about those 3 qualifications and. And that’s when the client is still interested, it’s like oh here’s the three ways you can qualify. Do you think you might you know qualify for one of those The the the business says yes and that’s how we determine whether we’re going to send you the the deal or not is the same 3 qualifications cool cool And then I’ll send I’ll send the link out to everybody one final time here and let’s see here. And just do a final recap on the offer. So oops, I didn’t mean to send that one out was the wrong one. OK. Anyway, so here, let’s do this. I’ll use that one. Send it back out again. All right, cool. So recap when you Join Now before we’re just about to go offline. Is that right, Syd? We’re about to close down. OK. So as we get ready to head offline, I want to remind you that this will be the final call for deals and when you join us, you’re going to get the deal, the package you see on the screen, right. You come down here, grab a monthly or a one time deal slot, they’re $239 per deal and they come with my guarantee where we’re going to educate the client, make sure they’re interested, they want to qualify.


01:15:29 Bill McIntosh: They meet the minimum requirements and then we hot transfer that lead, text it to you and e-mail it to you. It’s exclusively and only your lead. It’s never shared with anyone else. And that’s how the deal works. And when you buy now, you’re going to get a couple of bonuses. First, I’m going to give you double the number of leads for every deal that you get through the CPA. That means when one of your leads that comes from me, you get it all the way through to where they’ve submitted their docs. I’m going to give you 2 bonus leads over and over for every deal that you get. So if you get a 25 pack, you get up to 50 free bonus deals. If you get a 5 pack, you get up to 10 free of bonus deals. So every one of the deals that you that we give to you that you bring all the way through to where they got the docs submitted, we’ll give you 2 free leads on top for doing that. And then of course you got Syd’s bonus, which is. His one-on-one help, which is probably the most valuable part of the whole bonus stack. And then you got Brian’s bonus that he put in, which is $10,000 in cash. And that’s only for the people who use my leads. It’s a contest. The person who gets the most deals using my leads is going to win $6000 in cash. Second place is 2500, third place is 1500, and the only way you can get these things. Is by joining now. So I popped the link out there for one last time and that’s where you can join. And then finally, I’ll just remind you that if you are having a problem, your cards declining, you’re trying to transfer money around, whatever that problem might be, but you’re in, you’ve made the choice. Make sure you tell me, hold my spot in the chat and give me your best phone number and then I’ll make sure to follow up with you and make sure that your spot is not lost.


01:17:20 Bill McIntosh: But the simplest way is just visit the link which is Job RTC deals and grab your spot and take the biggest monthly spot you can that locks in your deals. You can cancel at any time. Just give me 3 business days notice before your rebuild date. Otherwise you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. But that’s how you lock deals in so that you can get them next month and the month after that and the month after that.


01:17:51 Syd Michael: And don’t forget, let’s say you pick up that 12 pack and you and you close. Let’s say you close four out of the 12. You get 2 more additional leads for everyone you close. So you’re not just getting a 12 pack there, right?


01:18:07 Bill McIntosh: You get 8 more deals. You get 8 more leads for free.


01:18:10 Syd Michael: You get 2020 leads for the cost of 12, right? So it’s strong. Frank, look forward to it, man. Look forward to it. Thank you. Welcome. It’s going to be nice to meet a lot of you like take advantage of this Like I know that I’m over bonusing this, but it’s not really over bonusing your success because I know that that’s what’s going to require for you to have a great success and I want to ensure that. So this is what I can give to do. So I give you my time. So let’s rock’n’roll.


01:18:46 Bill McIntosh: Yeah and one thing I want to say too is you know and I and I hope you know I’m sort of here I’ll come on camera, I’m kind of an outsider here when it when you know on the program, right. I’m I’m like a vendor that helps out on the side and I’m also an agent just like you and I have a lot of subagents I’ve I’ve sent in you know over 2000 subagents and the one thing I want to say I just want to give Syd and Brian and their whole team. Props because from top to bottom, their goal is to help you get as many deals as possible, right? And obviously the more deals they get, the more money they make. So I understand that. But beyond that, I’m telling you, like when I I went to dinner with Syd and Brian just a couple of weeks ago and our whole discussion was about how to make you guys win. That was the whole point of what’s getting together. We were talking about what could be done to help you guys win and get as many deals closed and have success and everything that comes with, you know that consistent sales coming through here of having the kind of income that you’re looking for as an agent, right? And I’m telling you from someone who has kind of like that inside view, the honest intention to help you guys is so amazing. And so I just, I don’t know if they get props enough, but the respect to the whole team. You guys are awesome, said. I just got to tell you that from the perspective of behind the scenes is quite something, you know?


01:20:12 Syd Michael: Thanks man. And he’s not kidding like literally, like when we’re talking about going to eat where, you know, I was like, oh, that’s cool, you know, finally get the meat bill and stuff like that. And we’re like, what are we going to talk about? Well, we want to try and put together some ways to help agents have success. It wasn’t like, hey, I’m going to do this, hey, I’m going to do that or hey, let’s do this particular things. It was literally how can we. Amp up the agents and show them the road to success. And you know, we got the blessings from Brian to offer this to all of Y’all. We’re giving you access to a lot of things that other people have paid crazy money for. I’m not going to kid with you and but it’s the right thing to do with the right group of people, so I’m. I’m excited.


01:20:57 Bill McIntosh: Cool. So there you go. Yeah, I mean, that was the whole point of the discussion was what can we do to help? You guys and this package that we put together is what we came up with and I don’t think not even a single time did we really settle on like anything to do with making money or selling a certain thing. It was purely the entire conversation was how do we help you guys get more deals through successfully and that’s what we cooked up. So I hope you join me and again that’s job RTC deals. And then I’ll say final time to pop in, hold my spot. You can hold your spot and give me your best phone number. And then I think, is that it? Are we, are we done, Syd?


01:21:38 Syd Michael: We’re done and you got a lot of numbers to write down, so.


01:21:41 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, I do. All right, cool. Well, here, I’ll kill my webcam here. Except now it’s frozen.


01:21:53 Syd Michael: All right. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. You got to have an online presence. Goodness. Just so you know, you have to have your website that we build for you. It’s imperative for you to receive the leads and for us to target you. There’s no way to make it work without doing that. Just shoot you straight up. All right. Hey, thank you, everybody. I’m going to leave it up for a little bit because I know Bill’s got a lot of phone numbers to write down, but I’m going to take off. Do me a favor. No match next Monday because we’re going to have fun. Bring your headset. I dare any of you to jump on there and I promise you it’s not going to be scary. I Nobody gets scared. But let’s do some role-playing. I  want y’all to come at me like I’m the nastiest, ugliest, fattest, worst person in the world. You would never do business with me next Tuesday. Yes, faith. You would never do business with me in a million years. You hate me. You can’t stand me. And I want y’all to watch how I will white glove you and rebuttal you right through the deal.


01:22:55 Bill McIntosh: Oh man, I’m coming. I just want to hear that that’ll be all.


01:22:59 Syd Michael: Yeah, it’ll be a lot of fun. So I hope to see all of you Tuesday. Nicole, will you make sure we go ahead and reschedule? We might as well do it now because if we wait, we won’t do it. Will you make sure that we reschedule the next Monday’s call to Tuesday at 11? So we’re good to go.


01:23:20 Niki Peckham: I’ll make sure she does all.


01:23:22 Syd Michael: Right. Awesome. Niki, I appreciate you. I trust you. So I know it’s going to happen. I trust Nicole too. But I know it’s going to happen now. I got Niki here. All right, all right. See. Y’all everybody. See you.

01:23:33 Bill McIntosh: Bye everyone.